Project Proposal – Draft 1

Section 1: Review (Approx 150 words)

This is my first project to have no brief what so ever. I will use this project to cover areas, I have wanted to and to also hone my skills in preparation for university (higher education). This project will be used to be bridge the gap between college and university so I have a smooth transition into my first project in university.

In this project, I’m wanting to avoid a grounded context, because for how that could lead to burnout due to my last two heavily grounded political projects.

Section 2: Project Concept (approx 250 words)

The concept for my project is to create a game that is all about musical reflection on how you interact within an environment. The plan is to have the game designed as an isometric with stylised graphics, with a focus on exploration rather than narrative. In the game you will be able to choose how long you want the audio recorded for, then you simply play. Your character’s footsteps will create a baseline and you actions will create a musical response, for example if you attack an enemy it will create a sudden booming sound to mimic battle. However if you dash past your opponent, it will create a harmonic peaceful sound.

Then after your allotted time you will receive a sound file that is a recording of the sounds you have created. The idea is that it will hold the same musical structure as an instrumental, so your sound file can be appreciated as a separate piece from the game.

My a spin off of my idea is to explore narrative storytelling through environmental and musical design similar to Dark Souls.

Section 3: Evaluation (approx 100 words)

In this project I am going to focus on first hand research and experimental work, whilst exploring different game engines as this type of explorative thinking is what has been lacking in my past projects. I will also focus on broadening my range of mediums so that I can compare and contrast different mediums with one another from digital to analog.

Over the project I have set a goal to make a blog post every day and to speak with peers and tutors to get a good excluded view of my project.




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