Abandoning My Photoshop WordPress Format

This project has been a test of many things for me and probably the easiest do distinguish is how I upload jpeg images of photoshop files with type in, instead of typing my work into WordPress. I did this at first because of the lack of control over how images a placed in WordPress, but then it started causing an annoyance between writing, then copying pasting into Photoshop. I kept doing over the months to keep a consistent style over my project, as when I move onto my 3rd year I would like a clean format to produce my work in. in the same vein that I made my portfolio in. But then me begrudgingly carrying on this format has led to several issues:

Spelling and Grammar, if I upload the jpeg image of my post to WordPress I can’t change any spelling or grammar mistakes that I may have made. This can be fixed with Grammarly, but even that won’t pick up every mistake. The only to do that is to get somebody to check a post before it goes up and that makes me to reliant on somebody else.

Last Minute Adjustments, it’s no secret that the ending week of a project is filled with people going back through posts and adding small pieces of information to raise their grade. With this format of mine, I simply can’t do that.

For these 2 main reasons, I will be abandoning my Photoshop/ WordPress hybrid format for my: spelling/ grammer and the last days of panicking about my grade.


My old format



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