End of Year Presentation Choices – Book

So far for the end of year show, I have chosen 1 format so far and that is a book. I think this is a great format as it is not digital, can be taken anywhere and can hold a lot of imagery in one piece. It is also somewhat interactive meaning that the viewer can pick it up and hold, which is pro against other choices of mine.

I also believe it would be a great piece to bring along with a portfolio to show my “out of the box” thinking when it comes to how I present my work in both college terms and out of college terms. At this time I need to look at front covers, page layouts, printing companies and a number of pages.

I will need to research into these points and look at my project to see what work I want to showcase within this book. There is a lot to research, but I feel like the format of a book will give me a lot to experiment with to really make it my own. I will explore my other ideas further but the idea of making and printing a book will be my first priority, however, I don’t think it will be the only piece to showcase as I’m afraid that people might be not pick up the book and read it. This is something that I have seen over the numerous exhibits I have been a part of since joining PCA.


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