Front Cover Ideas – Book

So far in terms of my book, I have been pondering over the style of my cover, which will need to draw people in and give the audience an idea of what to see inside.

So far I have a couple of ideas my main idea is to have a piece of a digital painting that I have done resized for a portrait cover. The two pieces I have so far fit quite well into this idea, mainly my second painting of the Samurai. As I can resize the painting to be a shot of the Samurai’s face looking straight at the viewer. I feel like a shot of that would be more engaging that the shot of Artorias with his sword on his back.

Samurai Front Cover
Cover 2
Artorias the Abysswalker Front Cover

The only problem I see with this idea is how the cover could easily look either top heavy or bottom heavy. I also could see the type looking very alien whilst placed on top of my painting.

Whereas my second idea would have me painting a character (from whatever piece of media) and turning into a “GQ” style magazine cover, replacing the classic type of “what’s inside” with painting information etc.


GQ Front Cover



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