Cross Peer – Digital Painting Experimental

Now, this is my second “Cross Peer Experimental” as I enjoyed the collaborative aspect of working off of somebodies idea as realistically that’s what I will be doing as a concept artist. Taking somebodies idea (usually a literary idea) and turning it into painting, to make a visual representation of that original literary idea.

However instead of this collaboration starting off as a literary idea, instead I’ve been given the choice of multiple thumbnails to choose from. So I picked my three favourites as the number of three is generally a working milestone in terms of idea decision making so that I can then pick which one I will paint. I have also been given creative freedom in terms of backdrops, colour scheme etc. So I can literally take this painting anywhere I like so this will become a prime example of an open-ended collaborative piece. The context behind these thumbnails is that they are ideas for posters that will advertise a play that she is writing as part of a live brief connected to her FMP (Final Major Project).

Once again this piece will be done in my developing dry brush style using the brushes from Jeremy Fenske, which I have adapted for my own use. So for thumbnails 1 and 2 I could branch out and paint a full face as I haven’t tried that yet with my new style.



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