Front Cover – Book – Feedback

After uploading the last post about “Front Cover Ideas – Book”, I then showed people on my table my ideas and asked them to judge, which one would make a better front cover for my book. Unanimously it came back that the Samurai cover was the most popular as it was engaging due to the emphasis on the eyes. However, everyone agreed that I would most definitely run into problems with the type and how little black space there is on the image.

The Artorias picture was shut down straight away as there was fear that I might make my book look like a “Dark Souls Book”, because of how iconic that image of Artorias is.

Whereas the GQ cover was “hard to imagine” as it was quite a far out idea compared to everything else, which had a more related visual indicator of the final piece. With this, I have found an example of my idea and posted it below.




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