GQ Art Book Front Cover

This idea of putting a character into a GQ-styled front cover for my book is one of my favourite ideas for this year, as it is a piece that will allow me to show all the skills I’ve learnt from GIGA (Graphic Design, Illustration and Game Arts). However, it has one major problem to create a cover like that would most definitely work best with a pre-established character from another piece of media. But I’m afraid using an iconic character on a front cover would in all likely hood tie my book to that franchise purely by the cover. As the cover should give an indication of what is going to be on the inside of the book. I’m also afraid that having a GQ-styled magazine cover would give off the wrong image of what sort of content that would be inside and the format/ layout of everything.

I came to this realisation when making a “rough draft” to show people so that they can then vote on, which cover they prefer.


Ezio - GQ
Placeholder design to purely to show the idea I was formulating in my head



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