Simon Stålenhag – Critical Analysis – Artist Research

Simon Stålenhag is a Swedish musician and free-lance artist well known for his collaboration between his music and his art.

Mediums and Materials…

Stålenhag has created a fully fleshed out world that takes an estimate of how the future will turn as tells the story through both environmental design and his music. His work looks photo-realistic however, he uploads close-ups of his work to show brush strokes and imperfections. He is an artist I have taken inspiration from as he wears his imperfections on his sleeve. Stålenhag’s work is made with custom analogue style brushes in photoshop. For Stålenhag isn’t a big deal as he leaves a lot of his work with rough edges, but when he does he uses the standard method of between colouring. He has used blending and blurring tools from time to time, but his main pieces of work feature little to no blending which complements my new “rough dry brush” style.

Close-up shot of one of Simon Stålenhag’s paintings

His colour schemes are mainly analogous for the easier colour transition so that he doesn’t have to spend time blending, as colours that sit next to each other on the colour wheel naturally transition to one another. However, in my favourite pieces of his, he has used split-complementary colour scheme for man-made lights to give his work a futuristic theme.


Simon Stahln white border


For me, Stålenhag has become a prime example of environmental storytelling over a series of pieces. I will take lessons from his work on connecting paintings together so that his story is seamless as it transitions from painting to painting.



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