Winter Panorama First Hand Research

Whilst going back through some old photos I found a photo and a panorama shot of a frosted landscape from a winter walk a took. I took the photos back during in winter and thought I could use them if I was going to do any landscape work and here I am gathering first-hand research for landscape paintings. The first photo is a close-up of a plant completely frosted over and the other is a panorama shot starting at the same plant and pivoting 180 degrees.

I will be able to pick apart both photos to see how frost sits within a landscape, I’m also hoping to do a digital painting of the close-up frosted plant so that I can compare my paintings to real life piece.

Later on, I’m going to take more panorama shots as they capture a lot of detail in one shot and is framed in the same way as how I’m wanting to frame future pieces of concept art.

IMG_0994 (1)
Close-up shot
IMG_0995 (1)

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