1st Year Workshop – Fundamentals of Concept Art

At the moment I’m planning a workshop for GIGA (Graphic Design, Illustration and Game Arts) first-year students on the “Fundamentals of Concept Art”.

The Workshop will be open-ended in who can take part and the requirements necessary. Because whilst concept art is used primarily in games and movies, concept fundamentally is a way of quickly visualising an idea. I’m also planning on having open-ended mediums allowing students to use whatever mediums they like because I don’t agree with the “bog standard” industry standard of digital concept art. My workshop will cover starting techniques for how artists will tackle the first minutes of putting paint on the page (as those are the hardest moments within concept art).

After that, I plan to go over my style and how I tackle a visualisation of an idea and how I approach a brief.

Then I will set a task of creating a short piece of concept art based on an ambiguous descriptive paragraph of a landscape. I will accompany the description with a mood board of close-up shots mainly to give the participants an idea of textures and tone. I believe that I should only use close-up shots to keep an ambiguous feel to the task.

This way participants will be able to compare pieces and reflect upon their mindset, giving an insight on how they tackle a brief/ task.

This is only my first draft so I can expect much to change between now and then.


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