Artist Comparison – Cedric Peyravernay and Simon Stålenhag

Cedric Peyravernay is a freelance French character concept artist who has worked on games such as: Dishonored, Dishonored 2 and Prey whilst contracted to work as part of Arkane Studios.

Whereas Simon Stålenhag is a Swedish freelance artist and musician who works entirely on self-initiated projects. Stålenhag’s primarily consists of landscapes with two recurring characters traversing multiple plains.

Materials and Mediums…

In terms of materials and mediums, Peyravernay and Stålenhag are very similar as they both use Photoshop with their own custom brushes. Their use of Photoshop makes them industry standard artists (even though Stålenhag doesn’t work within the industry).

However, their use of custom brushes heightens their own style and make every piece more personal sentiment to each piece. Their custom brushes also help to give both of them a finish to their work which is unique to them. For me, this is a big reason why I’m making custom brushes, instead of just sticking with adapting brushes from Jeremy Fenske.


Both artists use their work to frame the ugliness of society, Peyravernay paints portraits in a very aristocratic style blurring the line between upper class and lower class. Peyravernay paints his characters with blemishes, wrinkles to portray the over glamourized high society.

Whereas Stålenhag uses his landscapes to frame a future a not so distant future with an invasive government and an anarchist inspired society. I would go as far to say that what Stålenhag paints is what he fears, a government invades your privacy through domination and a society that is tearing itself apart.


Overall these are two digital painters who aren’t afraid of wearing their mistakes and use their work to frame what is symbolic of their fears.  

Both artists upload unflattering images of their work to show the imperfections of their work to show their mistakes. From an up and coming artists perspective, this is great because it breaks the image that everything has to be perfect.


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