Blog the Week – Week 12

So last week (week 12) was probably my most productive as I wrote around 20 different posts of varying different types of information. I think over this past couple of weeks I have really stepped up and started working at a strong distinction level. If I were to grade myself based on the first or second half of this project, I would give myself a merit for the start but a distinction for the last half as I have found my footing.

Now coming into week 13 I have a strong confidence that I will be able to see my idea through to the end and to a level that I would be pleased with. My main priority for the start of this week is to finish my presentation for the start of my year 1 workshop “Fundamentals of Concept Art”. Once I have done that I will move onto experimentation with analogue mediums so that I will be ticking off all the boxes I have set up for myself within my project proposal.

Overall this past couple of weeks have been great and I have had a lot of new/ interesting ideas/ concepts to experiment with.


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