Year 1 Workshop – Evaluation

So I just finished the workshop and from what I think and the criticism notes I got, it went really well. There were a few points that I didn’t enjoy, the problems that I found were: no graphic tablets even after I had asked for them and no evaluation sheets, once again after I had asked for them.

However these are very minor complaints, as some already had tablets and those who didn’t simply got one, which I found incredible to have a pretty independent group. The evaluation sheets I tried my best to fix, I made everyone rotate seats and write feedback on someone else’s work using the”Notes” application. After that I managed to get my hands on sticky notes, and then asked for everyones criticisms of the workshop.

The criticism were overwhelmingly positive with the majority saying “A bit quiet in a noisy room! Otherwise, it’s been good”, the trend of the noisy room carries on throughout the sticky notes. Which, is a fair criticism as I didn’t feel like I was talking loud enough at times. The only other two criticisms that I got were “Larger body font”, as people found it hard to read my presentation, due to my minimalist style (using a very small font). The other was “Personally I would’ve liked a more in-depth method but I think that’s because I have experience in digital painting”. That once again is a fair criticism as I really only scratched the surface with concept art, I myself would have been pretty bored in my workshop, so I definitely see where he is coming from. I believe the only way I could resolve this would be with an intermediate style workshop for concept art.

Overall this was a great experience I got to know a good amount of people and how they work, I also learnt how I articulate myself when speaking. If I could I would definitely do this again as I found it a great experience, I found that teaching really helps to give me a different perspective of my work.


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