Concept Art Animation – Experimentation

Throughout my concept art/ digital paintings, I’m always forcing myself to branch out/ experiment and find new ways to convey an idea. For this, I was pondering on how I could present the ambience of the city that I have dry brush painted.

So whilst painting I have realised how the painting slides and moves around, so I thought I could make an animation by taking multiple saves of different stages of the same file. All I did was every 40mins or so I used “Save As” and exported as a “Photoshop PDF” I then used the same gif making process in Photoshop that I used in: Experimenting – Gif Making in Photoshop


I’m pleased with the result but not with how it uploaded to WordPress as it has a quality limit so my work looks like it has a grain to it now. I also could do with with making more frames as I only took 5 frames to make this. I believe if I use more frames the animation won’t be as jarring and will come out smoother. This is also my first ultra-wide piece of concept art, I used a 2560x1080mm canvas for this piece. Which, did give me some lag issues but overall it leads to a higher quality shaper looking piece. I’m wanting to carry on with my ultra-wide paintings, but I’m worried with how I will have to adapt them to my book that I will be printing.


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