Exploring Ambience Through Animation

I decided to work on what I have learnt from my concept piece animation of “Inside the City Walls”. This time I decided to create this piece with the animation in mind,  so I was able to take a lot of images from it, therefore, creating more frames. This creates a smoother animation that I’m a lot prouder of as I feel like I have taken the criticism from my last piece and applied it to my new one.

Instead of exploring the inner city I decided to explore the ambience of farms attached to the outer walls of this city I have created. This animation was built up out of 20 frames instead of the 6 that I used last time. I also had less of a delay of this one as there is less of a transition between each frame. I also slowed down the end by giving the last 2 frames a 0.2-second delay so the final image sits there for a while before starting back at the beginning.

I really enjoy this kind of concept art as it gets me out of my typical mindset when it comes to painting concept art. However, I think I should start to focus more on analogue experimental and painting work that would fit within a physical book (as that is my final piece).



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