Art Book Front Cover – Experimental

So I got the dimensions for the exterior of an A3 book (front cover, gutter and back cover) and then added my images into photoshop and created a gutter. I went over to the “Art Side” and asked how big a gutter would have to be for a hardback book and they said about 1cm. I’m not sure if I will continue with a hard back because I like the idea of a soft back but that can easily be changed.


I decided to use the piece “Destruction” as the front page because the image isn’t as busy as “Defence”, so I have made Defence my back cover. Both pieces will be displayed within the book to show them without type on them.


For the gutter, I cut a piece from “Destruction” that wasn’t shown on the front cover, as the colour of that sliver close enough not to be jarring but not too similar to blend into the “Defence” piece.

After creating the exterior I added my logo and I’m now experimenting with placing a border on the front page.


Book Exterior
Without Border

This is the full exterior with no border and a 1cm gutter built for hardback printing (could change at some point).

Book Exterior 1
With Gradient Border

This border I added a slight gradient that had the same colour but of slightly different tones to give some nice colour transition so nothing feels stationery. As I wanted to carry on the implied movement that I have been attempting with my neutral colour paintings.

Book Exterior Border
With Brush Stroke Border

For the last one, I added brush strokes with the same colours and brush to the rectangle border. However, I didn’t use the same colours in the same places to give contrast I used the same colours but in different places because if I didn’t it would blend with the image and then distort it.



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