Black and White Animation – Experimentation

As of my recent posts where I have been experimenting with animation within my concept art, I decided to try some more experimentation. This time I went for a different style going for a minimalist white on black sketching approach instead of my detailed concept art approach.

I decided to take a different route from my projects subject matter as I was afraid that I would fall back into my routine. So I decided to do a quick animation on Rage Against the Machine’s old vocalist Zack Dela Rocha. I made around 8 frames and looped the first four to create a loop of my bouncing with the mic and then the last four show him moving away from the mic.

Unfortunately, Photoshop has exported my work without the 0.1-second delays I put in place so there is, in fact, no delay what so ever on this animation, which in my opinion makes it run too quickly.


I would like to continue this animation as I really enjoy the style of sketchy rough animation, but I need to continue with my project as I enter the last 3 weeks.


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