Lara Croft – Digital Painting

As I’m coming towards the end of my project I have not forgotten or given up on my GQ inspired magazine cover as an experimental piece within my book. The main problem I faced with this piece is that I would need to use an iconic figure to make the piece really work, which in turn would anchor me to a brand that my book isn’t associated with. So having this cover piece after my concept work from this project works as the tone and style of the book has already been established.

For this piece, the hardest part was choosing an iconic figure from any piece of media. I decided to set myself the challenge of picking a female character that didn’t feel forced into a piece of media and didn’t feel like a blatant attempt at pandering. With this, I chose the character of Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider series as I feel like she is an instantly recognisable nonsexualized (remake version) female character that is given a story arc and development to give a good reason that she is female. Lara Croft for me ticks all of these boxes so here is my digital painting of her.


Lara Croft 2
Very Rough Dry Brush



Lara Croft
Cleaner Dry Brush



Lara Croft 3
Final Piece




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