Underwater – Concept Art Animation

This piece is me both physically and mentally jumping in at the deep end (in terms of my art) in this piece I have painted an underwater scene and have shown the work built up through a 14 frame animation.

The first 13 frames have a 0.1-second delay whereas the final frame (frame 14) has a 0.5-second delay to keep the final image there for people to see instead of it quickly disappearing.

I think this is by far my best digital painting with water in it, to be fair though I found it easier to paint whilst completely underwater instead of painting water within a natural environment. Underwater is great because you can create a natural appearing piece of art, which doesn’t have to listen to the standard rules of gravity allowing for experimentation. At some point, I want to go back to underwater painting as there is a lot to experiment with there.

Frame 13
Final Frame

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