Politics – Workshop

As of recentley as was part of a politics question and answer workshop where several representatives from different parties came to answer questions from students. 5 representatives were sent: Labour, Liberal Democrats, Independent, Green Party. Unfortunately, the Torie’s didn’t send a political representative so they got verbally beat down as no one was there to defend their policies.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 14.38.13

I think my main criticism is how much everyone their beat around the bush, saying “in my opinion” instead of just speaking about their party policies. I also didn’t like the man representing independent politicians as he came across arrogant and more like a businessman than a politician. However, I feel like he was there for more symbolic reasons to show that people can create independent policies but he didn’t articulate himself in any desirable way.

Other than that I thought it was pretty decent, I did realise the amount of animosity between parties that made think I wouldn’t want either of their parties leading our government. I did like the Green Party due to ethical funding and environmental awareness those reasons a particularly appealing especially as I enjoy permaculture.

At the end of the session, I asked the Green Party representative:

What are your policies on funding independent unorthodox farming?

How will you change the planning permission system on new farmers?

The answers came back as they want to educate modern farmers on the techniques used in permaculture. He then answered my second question by saying having quicker systems to deal with new farmers allowing them to build on land if they have animals and have shown a dedication to the environment.



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