Reprography – Biro Experimentation

Reprography is the method of quickly sketching a scene often capturing detail with minimal amounts of detail, this process is most commonly done in analogue mediums.

I thought this would be a great way to branch out into analogue mediums whilst getting to grips with sketching and not aiming for a perfect result. So often in art lines, colours etc. are re-drawn/ painted to get everything perfect, to create a perfect image. But if I’m wanting to be a top quality concept artist I have to let go of these “Perfect Painting” fantasies. Reprography allows me to embrace my flaws and allow me to improve not only on how I draw them but also how I work with them.

With all of this in mind, I bought a cheap black biro and started sketching quick landscapes, people and close-ups whilst on the train. This allowed me to do several things: 1. Stops me from keeping hold of a single image. 2. I used biro so I couldn’t erase anything, so I had to just deal with mistakes and imperfections.

Train station
Varies poses (on train)
Underside of bridge
Close-up of plants drawn with scribbles

My favourite has to the last one as I tried mixing quick tight scribbles to how I draw plants, almost Vince Low meets nature. The result is a Roald Dahl styled plant illustrations. Unlike all other pages, these weren’t big drawings, they weren’t landscapes or people, they are just close up of plants as I like to draw orthodox items in unorthodox ways.

Looking at my reprography I think that biro could be possible as an alternative to the industry standard digital concept art. However, I don’t think it is as effective as digital painting especially ones done in Photoshop due to the array of tools. but that doesn’t mean that someone couldn’t capture the same amount of detail as a digital painter it would just be a lot harder due to not having: soft brushes, underpainting, layers, colour balance etc.

All of that said though I don’t think people who want to get into concept art should feel forced into using Photoshop for digital painting. Because at the end of the day everyone has done some form of concept art whilst developing an idea, all the time people use “visuals” to develop an idea. A visual fundamentally is a basic form of concept art as it takes a literary idea and visualises it allowing everyone to know what idea you or someone else had.



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