Run the Jewels – Vector Experimentation

This is a quick post of me recreating the “Run the Jewels – CLOSE YOUR EYES” album cover. As I’m wanting to print it onto a shirt and I don’t want the image to be low quality so I repainted the original in Photoshop, created a vector version of Illustrator and made a custom made in Photoshop. This is another post with work related to my favourite rapper and political activist Zack De La Rocha.

The first one I just cut the background out selected the type and painted over it in another layer to create a higher definition version. The vector one I traced the lettering in Illustrator creating an infinitely scalable image. The final custom one was created using a standard black background than 2 typefaces to mimic the ones on the original: Impact and Futura Medium. These were the two closest to the ones used on the original album cover.

Run the Jewels Original Revamp
Original Revamped
Run the Jewels Impact
Impact and Futura Medium
Run the Jewels Reverse
Reversed Vector

After that, I then placed the reverse and the original on to images of t-shirts of appropriate colours that mimic the album cover.

Run the Jewels ShirtRun the Jewels White Shirt

At some point, I will print these myself or upload it to a website like Redbubble. The only problem with this is it could get taken down as this isn’t my original work, I have put my own spin but this isn’t my IP.


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