What I’ve Learnt from Teaching – Workshop

Recently I have been reflecting on my second year and thinking of standout moments of my time. The biggest standout moment was my workshop for the year 1’s on the “Fundamentals of Concept Art”. I think a couple of things stood out to me, the positive reception I received and the first year’s mature response to my workshop. The second thing would be the fact that it was a turning point in my confidence especially when it comes to speaking in front a group of people.

However, the thing I learnt the most was what I was presenting. Whilst presenting and talking about my work to the year 1’s it gave a different perspective on my work. The workshop allowed me to truly step back from my work and look at it as if I was its audience.

This mindset is something that I want to adapt to my work as I know I can’t always get the feedback and criticism of my peers. I believe this mindset will allow me to be more self-reliant.

Here are some images from my workshop.



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