Art Book – Book Binding

So far I’m looking at what binding would be the best, so far I have looked at perfect, stapled and fastback. I originally wanted a perfect binding because I didn’t want anything to cover my covers.

I don’t want to use a staple binding as it would just interfere with my work as well as not looking as tidy as I would want it. Recently I have been looking at fastback binding as it would suit the paperback looking I’ve been going for recently. The only problem with fastback is that I would need to put a ticker binding on the back to cover the ridges. Often this is done with a block cover like white or black, I could make a sticker of my gutter and stick it over in the same way but that in itself is a lot of effort. On top of that, I could pick a block colour that fits tonally with my covers.

Fastback binding

Originally I wanted to go hardback to create a solid cover that would protect my work but I’m starting to enjoy the style of a paperback more on top of that a paperback would be a lot more ideal due to my page count (or lack thereof). At the moment my page count is coming out around 20 or just under.


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