GQ Inspired Lara Croft Magazine Cover – Experimentation

So this is my development and experimentation of my GQ inspired Lara Croft magazine cover. First I started off with making a mood board of magazine covers that show an interesting style or a signature feature. Then I started adding text and asking for the opinions of others then the piece developed from there.

GQ Cover Mood board

GQ Styled Cover White Background
White background
GQ Styled Cover Gradient Background
Slight gradient background

GQ Styled Cover 1GQ Styled Cover 2GQ Styled Cover 3GQ Styled Cover 4GQ Styled Cover 5GQ Styled Cover 6GQ Styled Cover 7GQ Styled Cover 8GQ Styled Cover 9

GQ Styled Cover 10

Print Test 1

GQ Styled Cover 12Print Test 2GQ Styled Cover 13Print Test 3GQ Styled Cover 14Print Test 4GQ Styled Cover 15Print Test 5

There are still a few tweaks I need to make but hopefully, the images above will give you an idea of the development of my experimental piece of the Lara Croft magazine cover.



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