My Turning Point: Autonomous Learning

Right now on the Friday 2nd of June, I’m sat at home on half term contemplating (and now writing) about autonomous learning. I’m very proud of my accomplishments scoring solid distinctions from my first FMP (Final Major Project) to now my second FMP which currently is three and hopefully going to be four (dependent on the outcome of this project) distinctions.

But how did I get here? Because I wasn’t an outgoing student I was achieving passes and merits throughout my first year, up until my FMP (where that changed). In my first year, I knew I was interested in art and I knew I was in the right place I just wasn’t inspired enough to do more than what was required of me.

I would say the major tonal shift for me would be at the end of the last project before my first year FMP, my friendship with those around me began to sour as bitter rivalry was created. So to deal with the social conundrum of sitting with them and dealing with my friends in the most appropriate manor I started listening to music and blocking everything else out. Instead of making conversation I delved deep into artist research and art movements taking note of important key moments within history to do with my craft. I started drawing in a “Jim Lee” inspired comic book fashion as that is what I wanted to do at the time. But gradually it developed into a love for digital concept art (mainly for the looks and what artists were capable of doing with it).

It was at that moment when I realised that art was bigger than me, bigger than my small group of friends, bigger than my classroom or my college. Then I realised what it meant to be apart of something bigger than yourself, something monolithic that you can contribute to.

That is why I’m so passionate about art, because it’s a discussion, a discussion about anything and everything: politics, race, gender, society, economics, ethics, ideals or just the surreal beauty of a landscape. Now in my second FMP I’m more inspired than ever because I feel like I’m contributing to something bigger, because I enjoy my paintings both the process and the progress that go along with it. For me all of that is “autonomous” (self-directed learning) I don’t think I would be the same person with as much inspiration if I hadn’t found these things out for my self. I wouldn’t be as inspired or as motivated if somebody had laid these answers out on a platter for me, because when I’m working in the future it’s this autonomous self-directed mindset that will allow me to overcome challenges throughout my career.


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