Cross Peer – Fine Liner Dot Experimentation

So this has been a long time coming, I asked my friend Olivia if I could take a couple of her thumbnails and produce one into a visual. Her thumbnails were designed for a poster for the play that she is writing.

Here is the thumbnail that I picked:

2nd Choice

I pick this one because of the way that the hair leads down from the face, I think it creates a fluent image that reads easily. I will, however, remove on side of the hair draping down onto the shoulders as I believe that the hair flowing down from one place and into a ponytail will move the viewer’s eyes in the right way.

My original idea was to have this cross peer piece done in my dry brush inspired digital painting style but I think this would be a good opportunity to experiment with a variety of mediums and different ways to use them. So for this one I decided to dot using a fineliner a technique that I have used before but haven’t got much experience with.

So here it is and a 6 minute video timelapse of me making it.

Original sketch with shadow and highlight lines
Finished piece

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