Landscape Visuals – Biro Cross Hatching Experimentation

I decided to carry on my analogue experimentation with biro and experimenting with cross hatching. I decided to draw in the same way as I would in Photoshop to develop a piece of concept art.

So I feel like this would create a great comparison between analogue and digital so here is the piece with some prilimary sketches around it.


Here is a quick 3 minute sketch of a tree using minor cross hatching and dot work to create an aalmost mixed medium piece only using one mdium but in several different ways.


There it is I think that analogue mediums can work in concept art but somebody would need to dedicate more time and care into it. I believe if I were to spend as much time learning analogue as I have with digital then I think I could create analogue concept pieces.

To be honest anyone with a history of analogue could if they took on board compisition and lighting etc. that comes with a production concept pieces.



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