Blog the Week – Week 15

Week 15 has been another slow week in terms of uploads, but in terms of production is very strong (as you will see through the following posts). I also didn’t keep up with my rule of seven posts per week to maintain a healthy upload schedule. I don’t think its huge deal to miss one week if I’m then going to upload a load more on the following to show why I haven’t uploaded on the previous.

But I can’t see myself having a huge amount to upload in the coming weeks as my work will be printed and be ready for hand in. At that time I should be writing evaluations, critical analysis’ and self-reflection. So this overall quite scary not because I don’t feel like I haven’t worked hard but because I have set a rule and I may not be able to follow through with it if anything it’s about the principal.

Overall Week 15 has been bad I only hope that I prove myself right by uploading a lot on week 16 and prove myself wrong by finding meaningful subjects to write about in the weeks following.



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