Battle Scene – Peer to Peer Criticism

Looking at my most recent piece my “Battle Scene” I decided to see what others think, to get feedback so I may improve on painting dynamic movement.

Battle Scene - Analysis

The general criticism of this piece is that there isn’t enough detail and in my bid to show a lack of detail my work has swung too far and created an under detailed concept piece. Especially when it comes to the figure in the mid left who is undead, which people have had a trouble in viewing. Some more minor criticism is that the background needs to be fleshed out to give a perspective of where this battle is taking place. Another criticism is the figure on the far right who is drawing too much attention from the figures in the centre. I should have also fleshed out the floor to make it look more like water or long grass because at this point neither I or anyone else knows and that is a bad place to be.

Generally, though this has been a well-received piece that has had a lot of good constructive criticism.


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