Old Ruins – Landscape Concept Art

So here is one of my more recent pieces of concept art…

Old Ruins

So in this piece, I wanted to show an abstract cityscape that had toppled, to show the ruins of a former glorious nation. However, I didn’t want the piece to feel sterile, dark and moody in a way I wanted the piece to be somewhat uplifting as if something new had been made out of something old.

I also wanted to work on one of my most overlooked formal element (in terms of my work), texture. So I overpainted fairly lightly allowing the texture to come through my brush allowing for an abstract effect to take over.

So far this has to be one of if not my favourite piece of concept art as it shows how far I have come over my Second-year FMP (Final Major Project) and is a good way of comparing my progress between years one and two.


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