Old Ruins – Peer to Peer Criticism

So as this is my most recent piece I thought it would be a good idea to get some feedback on my work so that I can take that advice into my next work (if I make more work for this FMP). So here is the piece in question…

Old Ruins - Analysis

The main criticism is within the highlighted area is too light and therefore doesn’t create the necessary depth need to create a fluent image. I think this is a valid point as I have created a thick mist field to show depth and to mimic a tilt-shift effect but I also believe that this has stunted depth.

The issue stems from my process of using darker colours in the foreground and branching out into lighter colours to convey depth. This added with the mist in the background has created a broken image as there is no mist in the foreground leading to a disjointed image.


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