Second Battle Scene – Peer to Peer Criticism

I have been asking around my peers for criticism on my “Second Battle Scene” to see where I could improve on my semi-minimalist paintings and on how I frame action/ movement.

Battle Scene 2 - Analysis

One thing that I will add is once again I was pulled up on not showing enough detail and going too minimalist with my concept digital painting. The first to be mentioned (apart from the lack of detail) is how the blurred spear in the foreground draws attention away from the image and is directly in front of a character. Then again I have had people complementing it for visualising the chaos of a battlefield. Another criticism is that the sword held by the front right character looks fragmented due to the top of the hit is too dark and therefore blends with the background. So at a glance, the sword looks like it is hovering.

A very minor concern/ criticism is about how the colours between the sky and the background structure sit next to one another that it doesn’t feel natural. If I were to repaint I would add light rays coming through to connect the two together.

Overall I’m very happy with the criticism and it has definitely shaped the way that I view my work.



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