Second GQ Inspired Magazine Cover Development – Experimentation

This is my development of the most recent changes made to my GQ inspired magazine cover. I started by adding brush strokes to emphasise that this is an magazine based around art. I then added short sentences about the contents of the last few pages of my book so that the cover can act as a divider between my college and out of college digital work.

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 15.57.47

I tried flipping the image to create a more fluent image but the image looked alien and didn’t work well as the arm pulling the arrow from the quiver didn’t arc as well around the letters.

So I flipped it back and then added a brush stroke on the left hand side going downwards to help balance out left side and create an even image. I then matched the brush strokes to a more vibrant blue to create a layered effect that also helps the text pop more. Then I re-arranged the brush strokes and text to align with Croft’s body line.

After that I added a barcode with a subtle reference to “Agent 47”  and changed the colour of “igital” in the “D” to the colour of the “A”.

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 15.57.20

At this point I’m more than happy to print this image as I’m pleased with the outcome and is easily on of my favourites if not my favourite piece of my second year FMP.



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