Art Book – Abandoning City Walls Concept Piece

So as the title suggests I’m abandoning my concept piece called “City Walls” which is this piece:

City Walls

Don’t get me wrong I like this piece I feel like I have made good progress within my art and this piece, but it doesn’t represent anything major. I look at all of my art pieces and they represent a step that I’ve made but I can’t say that about this piece it’s neither bad or good it’s a midway piece that I’m proud of but in the end would take the place of another piece of work that could show more development.

That’s what I’m worried about that this piece would stunt the flow of the book as I made this midway but isn’t representative of the time in the project that it was made, whereas the “Floating Castle” you can see that it is my first piece. This is a very minor thing but I want to create a slick professional self-explanatory book that shows my progression over this project.

Floating Castle Finished



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