Artist Collaboration – First Concept

This is my first concept connected to my collaboration with Dean Gregory. So this is my mood board which helps me to formulate my ideas on whatever I’m working on. I don’t always make them because sometimes I have a pretty solid idea of what I want to draw/ paint.

Bird World Mood Board

So from all of this, I decided to create a shipwreck that has been turned into a bird’s nest by a large bird. With riggings and masts being torn apart by birds so that they can shelter their young. I imagine this piece being in a river between mountain ranges leading to the sea to give atmosphere and to give the viewers something bigger than the bird. This will significantly shift focus over to the world itself and how the birds fit within it.

So this is the painting unfinished:

Bird's Nest

I still have to add sails and a bird perched on top. Overall I’m very pleased with this piece and the depth that I have created through it. I may brighten up the inside of the ships as it feels too dark and loses a lot of detail. I also will add the large bird at the top with its wings open sheltering the wreckage/ nest.

So far I’m really happy to be doing this collaborative project with someone who is interested in my work, not only that but Dean is an analogue artist so this project will be great in comparing digital to analogue.


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