Concept Art – Bird World – Artist Collaboration

As of recently, I have been asked to collaborate with a freelance analogue artist called “Dean Gregory” on an experimental concept of creating a world run/ being overrun by birds. Here are his Instagram account and Website:

So this is the message he sent me (after all the little details had been sorted out so this will only cover the concept idea): “Here are some brief sketches surrounding the central theme of my concept. Giant birds (I’m thinking Pigeons) terrorising/dictating a Victorian-

“Here are some brief sketches surrounding the central theme of my concept. Giant birds (I’m thinking Pigeons) terrorising/dictating a Victorian-esque city.
I was thinking there could be a religion involving the birds seen as gods, so I have put an eye in the middle of the church looking out, and a bird symbol at the top of the steeple. I have also put a statue being toppled over and replaced with pigeons, and am considering including some sort of food sacrifice to the birds in order to appease them.
Kind of a crazy concept, but one I think would be fun for us to just play around with, and interesting to see what each other can do with that storyline.”

I was also sent these four illustrations completely brainstormed and drawn by him:


After receiving the email I started to brainstorm ideas and replied to Dean with:

“I also really like this concept for a bird ruled the world and when Rebecca told me about the concept, it reminded me of humans being netted by apes in Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes. At the moment I have several concepts in my mind including, industrial revolution London, Steampunk and the political tones/ themes shown in George Orwell’s 1984. I have also been looking it Bioshock Infinite’s “Songbird” in both it’s industrial steampunk design and its political undertones of a physical representation of an intrusive society.
I’m really looking forward to drawing out some concepts and sharing progress with you.
This is the point that I’m at, I will continue this idea by making some mood boards and then start painting as I’ve already got some ideas of what to do.

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