GIGA Summer Show Catalogue Entries

So this year GIGA is printing “Summer Show Catalogue” to show the work of everyone within GIGA. Everyone has to submit four different images from their FMP (Final Major Project) so that two can be chosen and printed for the catalogue. From what I’ve heard (from tutors) is that each student will get a double page spread and the work will be printed in black and white.

So I went through my work and chose images that I’m proud of and that would look the best in black and white. I originally wanted to show off my Lara Croft GQ inspired magazine cover, but that image relies heavily on colour to draw attention and wouldn’t catch the eye in the same way in black and white/ grayscale.

Page 15 - Magazine Cover (Gloss)
Lara Croft Magazine Cover
Lara Grayscale

As you can see the image isn’t the same without the bright colour to catch the viewers eyes, instead, the image feels flat at least in comparison. So these (below) are the four images I have decided that could go into the “Summer Show Catalogue” and that would look good in grayscale.

DefenceDestructionOld RuinsSamurai

I’m confident with all of these paintings and I’m proud of how they have come out. I would say that these paintings represent me well and would make for a good sell if anyone were to look at the catalogue for paid work.


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