Magazine Cover – Gloss Finish/ Print

So at Art Side, there have been some problems with printing on gloss and putting it into the book as the gloss is printed on one side and nothing can be printed on the other side which is a problem as I want my pages to be double sided card and only for the magazine cover side to have a gloss finish.

If I were to have a gloss finish it would need to be printed in gloss which would mean that it would have to printed in the cool gloss machine and then flipped and the second image printed inside a very hot toner printer. This would cause the gloss to melt and potentially get stuck inside the toner printer which is a major setback for me and Art Side as I’m not the only one printing from there.

So what I’m doing is printing double sided onto 300gsm card and removing the gloss from the book. Instead, I will print the gloss separately just to see how my magazine cover looks with a gloss finish. So after the print has finished I will have an A3 Landscape art book and an A3 gloss magazine cover print.

Fortunately, this was all found out before anything was printed so no machines were damaged and no paper/card was wasted.


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