A2 Print – Inside the City Walls – Evaluation

So my plan for my final piece is to have an A2 landscape print of my piece “Inside the City Walls” alongside a book. At this point, I have printed off the A2 and haven’t started printing of the book so I will focus on the A2.

To be completely honest I’m disappointed with the result of the print it came out a lot smaller than I imagined. When the print came out it, it appeared to be a larger paper reem than imagined. It appeared to be sized more towards A1 than A2 so comparatively my work in correlation to the size of the paper felt very small.

The actual quality of the 300gsm pearl card is really good it’s just the size (in this case size matters). I don’t think I’m going to reprint as cost me £16.50 and I’m coming very close to the deadline so I could easily waste money and miss my deadline with it. So all that said and done I’m going to stick with the print as it looks good but I don’t think it will draw the attention I wanted it to.



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