A3 Landscape Art Book – Evaluation

So now I have printed off my A3 landscape fastback bound art book featuring a collection of digital paintings from my second year FMP (Final Major Project) “Immersive Campaign”. Here are the images from the book in order of appearance (front to back cover).

Front Cover


Back Cover

Overall I’m happy with the final result this feels like a real FMP final piece that I can stand by and be proud of. However, there are some shortcomings like how the front and the back cover have come out a tad pink and how my first dry brush paintings (pages 2 to 4) look a bit patchy. I’m also not a fan of the white margin left on the outside it really detracts from the seamless finish I was going for.

Apart from that the rest looks great, next time I would get my front and back cover printed at the “PrintLab” in college on Xerox paper, then get the rest printed at Art Side and have the margins cut before binding. This fixes a lot of the issues I may also have to get my dry brush work printed at the “PrintLab” due to the patchy finish but it may turn out the same as it did at the Art Side. I feel like the last problem will be something to experiment with in my third year as I won’t be able to print at the “PrintLab” due to how long the queue will be near the deadline.




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