Blog the Week – Week 17

At this point, I’m coming into week 18 with high hopes as all my work is printed and put up on display. I will wait until the private viewing to take official final pictures of my work on display as the ones I have taken the show a messier room than I was hoping but that’s okay because you will be able to see some minor development of how the summer show is made.

So far I feel like I have a lot on my plate as I’m re-reading my old posts and trying to correct what I can whilst still putting out new posts to show an understanding of something that I may have missed. There is a lot I missed with this project and I lot that I could have done but overall this has been my favourite project so far as I feel like I have really come out of my shell in terms of what I work on and how I work something (e.g. digital painting).

I’m both dreading and looking forward to handing in as I will have my fingers crossed to get that final distinction that will sum up my last two years of work.


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