Intentions of my Artwork – Artorias The Abysswalker

This is the second post of “Intentions of my Artwork” where I go over what I was intending to achieve within an individual piece of work and whether I accomplished it or not.

This post will be on my dry brush inspired digital painting of classic video game character “Artorias The Abysswalker” from the critically acclaimed “Dark Souls”.



My reason for painting this character was due to his popularity and his major resemblance to my favourite character “Guts/ Gatsu” from the manga series “Berserk” from “Kentaro Muira”. This piece was also supposed to be a shot for shot recreation of the Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition, as truthfully I didn’t compose this image, I simply did a case study on it by adapting it to my dry brush digital style.

I did tweak the lighting so that the viewer’s eyes would travel down his sword on his back and curve around following his cape, leading back to his head creating a circular motion.

Artorias - Analysis

I think I have successfully done this as to this day my eyes immediately do this and has become a natural habit. I also watch other people as they look at this piece and I catch them doing the same thing so I count this piece as a success.

Overall I really like this piece I feel like my style has carried over well and my lighting tweaks have enhanced the piece creating natural eye travel. I do think that I have lost some detail of the helmet but that is very minor in the grand scheme of things.



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