Intentions of my Artwork – Defence

In this post, I will be going over the intentions for my concept piece called “Defence”.


This piece was an originally painted for my Year 1 workshop called “The Fundamentals of Concept Art” to show how a singular colour pallet can be as effective as split-complementary or an analogous colour pallet etc. It was also supposed also highlight how effective grayscale can be.

I think I succeeded in this as to this day I think this is one of my best pieces due to lack of colours, lighting and composition. The wings on the dragon being a personal highlight for me as it is barely blended not due to a lack of care but because I didn’t to overstep the mark and do too much to this.

When it came to the viewer’s eyes I wanted them to start in the background at the light source behind the dragon and finish in the foreground with the soldier on the far left.

Defence - Analysis

I feel like my painting accomplished the exact opposite as my eyes start at the left soldier in the foreground and end at the dragon in the background. If anything I prefer this version it suits it better and through that creating an experimental piece that worked better than I could have ever imagined.


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