Intentions of my Artwork – Destruction

This post will cover the intention of my concept piece called “Destruction” and will show whether I have succeeded or failed in what I set out to do.


This was another piece created for my workshop for the Year 1 GIGA students called “The Fundamentals of Concept Art”, the piece was created to highlight the effectiveness of both grayscale painting and a singular colour pallet. In this, I feel like I have succeeded in the same way with the concept piece called “Defence”.

Where I think that I have failed is how the viewer’s eyes travel. The viewer’s eyes were meant to travel from left to right zig-zagging up and down each structure.

Destruction - Analysis

I feel like I have definitely failed as when I look at this piece my eyes jump to the middle and stagnate. It doesn’t feel natural when my eyes drift which feels horrible.

Overall I like this piece but it shows that I have a lot to learn but that is completely okay. I’m looking forward to continuing my journey into art so in a weird way, this piece makes me happy because it shows I have a long way to go.



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