Intentions of my Artwork – Floating Castle

So this will be the first of hopefully many posts of me evaluating/ reflecting on each individual piece of work I have created for this project whilst highlighting my intentions and whether of not I felt like they succeeded at that.

This first post will be on my concept piece called “Floating Castle”.

Floating Castle Finished

My incredibly inventive name aside the piece was supposed to showcase a mix of futuristic and medieval as the piece was supposed to represent the clash of different eras. This, unfortunately, has clearly failed as it merely looks like a ruined castle in anti-gravity not that there is anything wrong in fact I like this piece! it just doesn’t accomplish what it was meant to (in terms of setting).

In terms of how the viewer’s eye would travel, I wanted the viewer’s eyes to travel in a spiral starting from the piece on the left and then spiralling towards the centre.

Floating Castle - Analysis

Unfortunately, this didn’t work out as I left a gap in the middle to right meaning that the spiral is incomplete so the viewer’s eye doesn’t travel as well as it should do.

I also feel like the piece of architecture in the centre looks to blended compared to the rest creating a disjointed feel to the middle of the image. Overall I’m happy with this piece as it marks the first step into dry brush.



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