My Projects Greatest Shortcoming – Evaluation

As I’m starting to write up my final posts of my last project with GIGA (Graphic Design, Illustration and Game Arts) I find myself contemplating and maniacally worrying about my project because of one reason, my greatest shortcoming of this project. My Photoshop format.

Early on in my project, I looked for ways to present my work in a new and interesting way, I came up with a Photoshop layout that allowed me to freely use and move images how I wanted to. Unfortunately, my grammar and spelling have suffered due to that and I made a significant amount of posts in that format so I can’t go back and edit them as they are JPEGs.

I’m afraid of losing marks due to my layout creating consistent spelling and grammar errors that if I chop and change it not only would it detract from my evaluations/ reflections it would also take away from me experimenting and showcasing this new layout.

It’s difficult but I have to deal with it and move forward, I felt like I should draw attention to the issue show that when I start my third year I can look back at it and all my evaluation/ reflections with it.



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