End of Year Summer Show – Evaluation

This post will cover “The End of Year GIGA Summer Show” and an evaluation of it.

I will start by saying generally the show was very good it was handled well by tutors and administrators alike. Some parts of it did feel rushed whereas others were well planned which lead to a somewhat unbalanced experience.

When it came to displaying work everything was well planned and it looked generally really great. But when it came to rooms it sort of fell apart. We were asked to swap rooms with Art and Design because they needed more space to display their work which is completely fine. But then I started thinking that the rooms are named and this is building “Palace Court” is fairly recent, and all of this should have been thought especially if they’re going to name rooms after their subject. On top of that the Art and Design room is very small so at what felt like the rush hour it was very cramped. It feels like poor mismanagement but then again it is one thing against an overall well received and executed exhibit.

In conclusion the end of year GIGA summer show was a success I would call it amazing but I definitely see the exhibits getting better as its better than the “Design to Sell Popup” Shop and way better than the “Year 1 GIGA End of Year Show”.


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