Immersive Campaign Project – Evaluation

So this post will be a critical analysis, reflection and evaluation based on my year 2 FMP “Immersive Campaign”. To start off this has been my favourite project as this is the only one I can say that I took a step up on when it came to my first year FMP.

What did I enjoy?

I enjoyed how open ended this project this project was there was no brief, no starting post so this felt like the dream project where I could hone the skills that I desired. For me moving onto Game Arts this was very enticing as I want to close the gap in knowledge because the first half of my first year at GIGA I was very much left behind in terms of both knowledge and skill.

At first, I wanted to work on 3D to give myself an insight to what others in my groups would be doing whilst I paint concept and texture art. My interest then shifted when I would focus less time on my concept art and I would rather do painting than 3D work. So I started painting more whilst experimenting with 3D programs such as Maya in my spare time which dissolved the further down in my project that I went.

My favourite part, however, was teaching the first year GIGA student about concept art it gave me a fresh perspective on my art style and sense of accomplishment interacting/ teaching younger students what I would have liked to know.

What did I find difficult?

I had a huge problem with burnout when it came to the start to the middle section of this project. This posed a big problem for me so instead of writing up a spent time taking walks and biking whilst taking first-hand research so I managed to solve two problems my burnout and my lack first-hand research.

But my burnout did continue for a week after my research, I found myself very de-motivated I put this down to not taking the proper time to rest and take a breather between each project. This is something I will take into my third year.

What would I change?

Apart from the time taken between projects for a break is there anything else I would change? No. I’m happy with how this project has turned out, if I chopped and changed different parts of this project then I wouldn’t learn the same lessons I’m able to reflect on now. So no I’m happy with my mistakes and successes as I’m able to learn from them and take that knowledge onwards.

In Conclusion

Overall this project has been a joy I feel like I have flourished into a better student and artist. Something I will try and do above all else is to try and get more time teaching I really enjoyed to teaching the first year GIGA students and I would love to comeback in their second year to do another workshop or do some, one to one tutorials.


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