Intentions of my Artwork – City Walls

This post will go over the intentions of my concept piece “City Walls” and whether or not it has succeeded in what I had set out to do.

City Walls

This piece was created to show the grandeur of a city towering over a rural landscape, mimicking a rural meets urban type of setting. I also used clouds to set different tones showing that an urban landscape harbours more animosity due to close quarters living which contrasts with the bright blue skies over the farmland.

Did I succeed with these points? Sort of. I feel like I have captured the grandeur of a city and painted a nice rural landscape to create contrast with it. However the skies being a visual metaphor for the general emotions of the living conditions doesn’t work as technically it is a ver vague statement, on top of that the dark clouds cover both rural and urban making my metaphor void.

In terms of viewing your eyes were meant to jump between the trees in the foreground and lead into the city within the background.

City Walls - Analysis

This is something that I feel like I have accomplished as my eyes do follow intended direction however, I can see that people have the opposite effect where their eyes work from the background to the foreground.

In conclusion, this isn’t a great piece as it doesn’t do anything inventive, doesn’t represent a milestone and misses some marks. It’s also not a bad piece just a piece that feels like a stepping stone for others to come.


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